Tokyo walk / Soft cone

A soft cone. It is eaten in all over the world but I believe Japan is the only place where soft cones have such wide range of flavor line up. In addition to common flavors, many of them has originality and sometimes be used as a powerful advertisement of local specialty food. ソフトクリーム。世界中で食べられているけれど、こんなに種類豊富でオリジナリティを注ぎ込まれ、御当地感まで出してしまうパワフルなスイーツとして地位を築いているのは日本だけではないでしょうか。 I felt…

The cafe that made me want to take a trip

今日のカフェは福井県! Today’s cafe is in Fukui prefecture! 正直なところ、もしこのカフェが福井県になかったら、私が福井を訪れるのはもっと先になっていたかもしれません。 To be honest, I might not have taken a trip to Fukui prefecture yet if this cafe wasn’t there. 連休に大阪ー滋賀ー福井へドライブ。 琵琶湖や東尋坊といった主要観光地を訪れながらも、私にとって絶対に外したくなかったのがOedo plus です。 I took a road trip through Osaka, Shiga and Fukui area during the long weekend. In addition to famous sightseeing places such as Lake…

Cafe in Tokyo / Nakameguro

Since when did the area under the Nakameguro Station rail get so trendy? Now it’s lined with trendy restaurants and shops. Since I noticed everyone having fun walking along the street, I’ve started doing it too.

Exploring restaurants in Tokyo

Last weekend, we were looking at cherry blossom buds that are almost ready to blossom while taking a walk from Nakameguro to Daikanyama. そろそろ咲くかな〜とプクプク膨らんできた桜のつぼみを眺めながら、中目黒〜代官山コースを散歩していた先週末。 We happened to found a chique French restaurant near Mekiri-zaka. It is about a 5 minute walk from  Nakameguro station. Because it is not the easiest location to find, you might…

NY Bagels in Ehime


Cafe in Ehime / Moss cafe Kokemushiro

In Ehime, there is a café I often want to visit despite the several few hour drive. It becomes more attractive especially after rain because surrounding trees and greens creates whimsical atmosphere.  None of cool cafés in the city can’t replace it. 愛媛に、家から数時間のドライブをしてでも行きたくなるカフェがある。 特に雨上がりに行きたくなる、都会のカフェには真似できない緑の絨毯と森林に囲まれたカフェ。

Cafe in Ehime MUSTAKIVI

日本に帰ってからというもの東京の次に過ごす時間が多いのが愛媛県。 ということで今後は少しずつ愛媛でのカフェ・旅話もしたいと思います。 Since coming back to Japan, Ehime prefecture is the second place I spend the most time  after Tokyo. So, I’ll write about Café or fun places in Ehime as well on this blog little by little.

Museum in Tokyo / teamLab★Planet

Groundbreaking digital art museum is opened in Toyosu, Tokyo! It opens only for 2 years and surpasses our concept of art museums. 東京・豊洲に、今までの美術館という概念を超えるモダンなデジタルアートミュージアムが2年間限定でオープンしました!

Cafe in Tokyo Hikidashi cafe

東京に戻ってきて1年。そろそろブログ更新をしていこうと思う。。。 It’s been about a year since I came back to Tokyo. Let’s start writing this blog again…

Trip from Tokyo/Kanazawa

Where is the place I can eat fresh seafood and traditional Japanese sweets as a day trip from Tokyo? Although many places crossed my mind while I’m looking at the Google map, Kanazawa caught my attention this time.

New York Cupcakes

フワフワと軽いスポンジ、キュンッとなる甘さのアイシング、そしてなんとも可愛いらしいルックス♡ カップケーキはアメリカの代表的なお菓子として知られていますが、個人的にはアメリカの中でも特にNYに似合うスイーツだと思っています。パーティーで派手に並べられているかと思えば、買ったそのまま公園のベンチで食べている人も、会社を抜け出しておやつに食べているビジネスマンもいる。NYの生活でカップケーキを見かけるシーンは実に多く、そのどれもが絵になるのです。 Fluffy light sponge, decadent frosting and incredibly cute appearance. Cupcakes are known to be one of the very typical American sweets but I believe that it especially matches New York City.  Everywhere from gorgeous party venues to neighborhood parks, there are people eating cupcakes in this city. I even know a business man…

Death Valley – Load trip –

Since I finally got a break last month, I visited the West Coast and Midwestern regions of the United States to recharge myself.  In addition to those from major cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, I have some truly unforgettable memories of “Death Valley”. I was very impressed by the marvels of nature…