Cafe in NYC -Little Collins-

Little Collins” はミッドタウンイーストにあるメルボルンスタイルのカフェ。いつ行っても混みあっている人気店です。 私が行く時間帯が特に多いのか、平日も週末も席を見つけるのが難しく、座るのを断念してテイクアウトすることがよくあります。

“Little Collins” is an Australia-Melbourne style café located in Midtown East. No matter what time, it’s always packed. So, I often have a hard time finding a seat at the café and I end up just taking out.


このカフェはドリンクも美味しいのですが、やはり注目すべきはフードメニュー。Bluestone Laneをご紹介した際にも書きましたが、メルボルンスタイルのカフェはフードとホスピタリティが他のカフェと一線を画していていると言えます。

In addition to delicious café-drinks, the food menu is remarkable. As I mentioned when I wrote about Blue Stone Lane, I believe that Melbourne style cafés have great food and service compared with other trendy cafes.

メニューも“BREKKIE”(Breakfast),“The smash”(アボカドトースト)、そしてもちろんVegemiteが入っているところがなんともオーストラリアっぽい。

You will find unique Aussie things like “BREKKIE”(Breakfast),“The smash (Avocado toast)” and even Vegemite on the menu.


もし、アボカドトーストが食べたいな~と思う方がいれば、私はまずLittle Collinsの“The smash”をオススメします。 アボカドとフェタチーズのクリーミーさにペピータ(カボチャの種)のパリパリした触感、そしてペッパーフレークのピリッと感が混ざるのがすごく面白い!お好みでEggも上にのせてくれますよ。

If I saw someone who was looking for an Avocado Toast, I’d tell her/him to go to Little Collins. I love their“The smash”dish. The combination of creamy avocado, feta cheese, crunchy pepita, and pinch of pepper flake is just awesome.

朝から美味しいコーヒーとこの“The smash”でエネルギーを補充すれば、ハッピーで充実した1日が過ごせること間違いなしです。

You can add an egg on the top if you want to. I guarantee that your day will be an enjoyable one if you have “The smash”with good coffee at breakfast. I love to smash their food!!



And for the tea lovers, don’t sweat it. They also have a good tea selection and they serve it with a pot so that you can enjoy it at your own pace. I actually prefer to have my tea in a pot.

Chai Latte

Little Collinsは今のところ1店舗のみ。だからこそ混むのでしょうが、スタッフの方もフレンドリーで味もサービスも期待を裏切りません。

Little Collins has only one location so far. Though it is always busy, you won’t be disappointed by their taste or service.


I read in an article that the owner of LC is really ambitious. He came to NYC as a lawyer from Australia, but changed his carrier to barista after few years, and launched this wonderful café. This kind of story energizes me as much as their good coffee and food.

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