【New York】Tea shops

Apparently, there is a strong coffee culture in America, but we can’t miss the recent movement of Tea. It’s definitely gaining momentum. In NYC, number of specialty tea shops are increasing, and we can find variety of teas in the supermarket. It’s said that one of the main reasons of this momentum is that more people have become health conscious. The younger generation is interested in tea more than ever. As such, I’d like to introduce some tea shops in NYC.

まだまだコーヒー文化が強いアメリカですが、近年Tea(お茶)の流行が目立っているのは見逃せない変化です。ここNYCではモダンなお茶専門店が増えていますし、スーパーでも様々なお茶が取り扱われています。 その主な理由としては、一般的な健康志向の高まりや、若い世代が今まで以上にお茶への興味を持っていることが挙げられるのだとか。 そこで今回は、NYCのお茶専門店を数件ご紹介します。


First of all is one of the most notable shops, HARNEY & SONS. Although they have a branch in Japan, their tea shop in SOHO is always sophisticated and makes me want to visit over and over. Once you step into the shop, a fantastic aroma will welcome you, and you’ll be attracted to variety of tea selections and tea-accouterments.

まずは、有名所のHARNEY & SONS。今では日本にも店舗がありますが、やはりSOHO店は洗練されていて、何度も行きたくなる場所。 入るとまずお茶の良い香りが迎えてくれて、その香りを楽しみながら両端に陳列されている何種類もの茶葉や茶器に魅了されます。


HARNEY & SONS has grown from their original six teas, to more than three hundred in 33years. They are now offering 250 varieties of tea at their tasting bar in the shop. You can also enjoy a cup of tea, sweets, and afternoon tea at the lounge. I will write all about the lounge in the near future.

1983年に会社を設立した当初は6種類しかなかった茶葉も、今では300種類以上になるそうで、店内でも常時250種類ほどの茶葉をテイスティングできます。 壁一面の茶葉にも納得。 そして奥にはカフェラウンジがあるので、お茶はもちろん、スイーツやアフタヌーンティーを楽しむ事ができます。ラウンジについてはまた次回ご紹介しますね。


Here is a stylish tea company, T2. You can just feel how creative T2 is from the outside of the shop. Their HQ is in Melbourne, Australia but NYC has branch shops in SOHO, Columbus Avenue and Brooklyn.

こちらは外観からスタイリッシュさ全快のT2。本店はオーストラリアのメルボルンですが、NYだとSOHO、Columbus Avenue、Brooklynにあります。


T2 has kept poppy and creative store decorations since they launched the company 20 years ago, and I also find that those spirit in their original loose teas. Some of their tea tastes very interesting. Of course, their main product is TEA but I recommend you to go to see their colorful tea accessories such as pots or mugs, too. They’re really good at presentation.


Next is TEAVANA. I wrote a bit about it in a previous article. They just expanded to Japan this year! I think this brand became famous after it was bought by Starbucks but they have launched 20years ago.



Now, the shop is filled with a fusion of Oriental and Western culture and they are selling a variety kinds of loose teas and sophisticated tea-accesories. If you are overwhelmed by all the alternatives, ask the friendly staff. They will give you good suggestions.


Last but not least, I’d like to introduce DAVIDsTEA from Canada. Although there are only a few shops in NYC, I must mention this tea shop since it was my go-to place when I was living in Canada.



(↑From InstagramDAVIDsTEA)

They are actually an enterprise with 150shops in North America. I love their “Tea for Fun!”mindset and eco-conscious. Also, their variety of original teas are refined and delicious. In order to let people enjoy tea at home, there are so many tea appliances such as infusers, iced tea makers, pots, etc. Everything is so cute and I believe they are appealing to young people’s tastes.

このお店は『お茶を楽しむこと!』が根底にあるところ、環境へも気を配っているところが私は好き。オリジナリティ溢れた茶葉も上品にブレンドされているものが多く、飲みやすいです。自分でお茶を楽しめるよう、インフューザーやアイスティーメーカーなども充実。そして可愛い! まさにお茶に関心のある若い世代の心を掴んでいると言えます。


As you can see from this blog, I love coffee but in fact, I’m not able to handle too many cups of coffee per day. So, tea is necessary in my daily life and I am so happy about this Tea boom. Keep an eye out for my next blog post about TEA.

私はこのブログからも分かるようにコーヒー好きですが、実は1日に何杯も飲めず、日常生活にお茶は必須。だからこのお茶ブームはすごく嬉しいことなのです。 近々お茶専門カフェなんかもご紹介したいと思います。

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