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You can often find Caffé Nero in UK. Soon after they opened the first café to serve traditional fine Italian cafes across Europe, it became very popular and now, it is a UK based big chain.
In addition to their fantastic Italian coffee, they have a strong passion for other drinks, foods, and the interior of their café.

イギリスでは至る場所で見られるCaffé Nero. 伝統的な上質イタリアンカフェをヨーロッパ中に広めたくてCaffé Neroをオープンすると、瞬く間に人気が出て今ではビッグチェーンの一つです。 コーヒーはもちろん、その他のドリンク、フード、カフェ内のインテリアに関してまでこだわりが見られます。img_9121

Boston is actually the only place you can find Caffé Nero in US. So, I visited the café during my Boston road trip. Since opening, all 3 Caffé Nero locations in Boston have become quite popular.

そしてそのCaffe Neroが、アメリカで唯一ボストンにある!ということで、ボストンの小旅行中に行ってきましたのでご紹介します。 ボストンにある3店舗ともオープン以来大人気。img_9116

I visited the one on Congress Street. Signature right blue sign board on the brick built building will let you find the café easily.

私が訪れたのはCongress streetのカフェ。 煉瓦造りの建物にライトブルーの看板が良いアクセントになって目立ちます。img_9103

The inside of the spacious store is decorated with bulky pipe, antique furniture and countless books. It is very stylish. Although you don’t see people in the picture below because it’s taken very early in the morning on a weekend (and a national holiday), there almost no available seats during the day. I hear all Caffé Nero locations in Boston have their own respective original styles and as if each of them has a unique identity.

店内はとーっても広々したロッジのような造りにパイプが通っていたり、アンティークな家具や本が置かれているスペースがあって、スタイリッシュ。 写真は週末のオープン直後のものなのであまり人がいませんが、昼間は混み合っていて、広い店内はほぼ埋まっていました。Caffé Neroはどの店舗にもアイデンティティを持たせたいそうで、それぞれのカフェが独自のスタイルやデザインを持っています。

My first order was a cup of cappuccino and a pistachio muffin. The espresso melts in fluffy milk foam and it makes such a delicious Cappuccino. I made me totally relax. I absolutely wanted to try the pistachio muffin and it did not disappoint – not only the fine taste and beautiful green color, but texture is amazing. I love the crunchy outer layer with the moist inside.

私がまずオーダーしたのはカプチーノとピスタチオマフィン。カプチーノはフワッフワの泡にエスプレッソが溶け込んでいる感じで、なんとも癒されるお味です。  そして、ピスタチオマフィンは私が絶対に食べたかった焼き菓子の一つ。このグリーンカラーも可愛いし、お味も中はカリカリ外はモチッとしている食感がたまりません。


You can also enjoy light meals (I bought a kale salad for breakfast). The food menu, which is overseen by a well know Italian chef has a good reputation. It is remarkable that you can always have fresh, tasty food as well as good coffee. Salad and pastries are made in the café every day and bred is made fresh daily at a local bakery shop.



Finally, the most important part of this café – the coffee is brewed by an experienced Italian chief and his team and they use a high quality traditional Italian roasting technology. Also, there is a skilled barista at the café to deliver truly delicious Italian coffee. From the simple espresso to drip coffee to latte, you will be satisfied.

さて、カフェの主役であるイタリアンコーヒーはイタリア人チーフが率いる経験豊かなチームが豆を厳選し、昔ながらのイタリア式製法(シークレットレシピ)でローストしています。 また、上質なイタリアンコーヒーを実際に人々に届けるため、優秀なバリスタが揃っているので、シンプルなエスプレッソやコーヒーからラテまで、満足いく一杯に出会えると思いますよ。

Do you think there is a meaning that UK based coffee company choose Boston, the biggest city in New England as the first location of their café in US?  Please drop by and taste fine coffee if you have a chance to come to Boston.

UKのカフェがアメリカ初の店舗としてニューイングランド最大の都市、ボストンを選んだのにはやっぱり何か意味があるのかな。 ボストンに行く機会があれば、ちょっとCaffé Neroに立ち寄って癒されてみて下さい。

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  1. LittleFears says:

    Nero’s are better than Starbucks in the UK, but I think all the chains seem to have different coffee tastes per country.

    In the UK we mostly drink Nescaffe at home so the coffee bar isn’t high heh. 😊

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