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今年はもっと芸術に勤しむ年にしたくて、元旦からMuseum Mile(アッパーイースト5番街)をお散歩しました。 ニューヨークはMuseum Mileを中心に、テーマも規模も様々な美術館が至る所にあります。 特別展なども頻繁に行われるのでアート好きにはもちろん、私のような初心者にとっても、アートの新しい面白さが見つかるような場所です。

I took a walk on Museum Mile (5th Avenue on the Upper East Side) on the New Year’s Day, since I wanted to enjoy the art scene more in New York this year. There are great variety of Museums everywhere in NYC, especially around Museum Mile.

This is the city that attracts not only people who are already familiar with art, but also an art neophyte like me. I actually developed my interest in art since I started living in this city.

さて、今回はMuseum Mileにある美術館について。

まず私が元旦から訪れたのはソロモン・R・グッゲンハイム美術館。 ユニークな外観はもとより、館内の造りも魅力の一つです。 通路の壁に沿って飾られている絵を鑑賞しているうちに館内を上っていて、反対側を見ると数十分前に観た絵が違う距離からまた観えるという不思議な感覚を味わえます。もちろんエレベーターで上がって降りるという鑑賞も主流とのこと。

The first Museum for today is the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum. I visited this museum on New Year’s Day as my first museum of this year. In addition to a unique external appearance, the structure of the inside of this building is attractive. You will climb up the building without thinking, as you are looking at the paintings on the wall. Later you can also see the painting you have seen 10 minutes ago from the different angle. You can start from the top of the building down towards, too.


近現代美術が専門で、カンディンスキーやピカソなどの有名作品を鑑賞できます。特別展もよく行われ、今回はカナダ生まれのアーティスト、Agnes Martinの展覧会中でした。

Their collections are both modern and contemporary art. You can enjoy pieces by famous artists such as Kandinsky and Picasso. Also, they often feature less well known artists for a limited time. For example, I enjoyed Agnes Martin this time.

お次はCooper-Hewitt。古典・現代両方のデザインを専門とし、デザインの歴史も学べるような美術館です。建物はアメリカの実業家Andrew Carnegieの元邸宅で、外観も内装もガーデンも本当に立派。 実際に人が住んでいたと思うと、どんな生活をしていたのだろう…と館内を回りながら想像が膨らみます。

Next is the Cooper-Hewitt. It focuses on both classic and modern design and you can also learn history of design. The building is a former Andrew Carnegie Mansion. It is elegant both inside and outside. I was wondering what the lifestyle was like in the old mansion while I was walking around the museum.



Then, you will receives this special interactive pen once you enter the museum. You can use the pen to explore the digitized collections and to save any object you liked in the museum. It is really interesting experience.

最後にMuseum Mileと言えば、THE MET(メトロポリタン美術館)。世界3大美術館の1つですから見逃せません。世界各地から集められた作品数の多さとコレクションの幅広さが有名なだけあり、館内はすごく広く、私は何回行っても途中で迷います。

Speaking of Museum Mile, I must mention THE MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), one of the three most important museums in the world, according to us Japanese folks. It presents over 5,000 years of art from all over the world; its collections are very diverse. Since it’s such a big museum, I get lost every single time I visit!


もちろん一つ一つのセクションをゆっくり見てゆくのが理想ですが、時間が無い!どこから見て良いか分からない!という方にはツアーがオススメ。1時間ごとに無料で行われており、5-6セクションを案内してくれるので、一緒に回っているうちに位置関係や、自分がじっくり見たいところが分かってきます。季節ごとにイベントも多い美術館なので、行く前にHPをチェックされると良いですよ。(関連記事⇒Summer in NYC – THE MET – )

Of course, taking your time to look at each piece is ideal, but if you don’t have the time or aren’t familiar with art, I recommend you to take a free tour. Your tour guide will introduce some of the major collections and give you an idea about how to walk around the museum. I also recommend that you to check out the website before your visit, because it often has special exhibitions and events.img_0488-2

前回も書きましたが、NYCの美術館やのほとんどは週に1回ほど、“Pay what you want!”=『あなたが好きな料金を払ってね!』というような、自分が入館料を決められる日時があります。参考までにGuggenheimは毎週土曜日の5:45pm-7:45pm, Cooper Hewitt は土曜日の6pm-9pm(2017年1月現在)です。

Almost all museums in NYC have “Pay what you want!”day. For your reference,“Pay what you want!”at the Guggenheim is every Saturday from 5:45pm-7:45pm, and the Cooper-Hewitt is every Saturday from 6pm-9pm. (As of January, 2017) Enjoy!



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