【Montreal】Trip from NYC

One of the advantages of living in New York is convenience for travelling. The 3 airports in this city let us go literally anywhere in the world. The city I chose for my short trip this time was Montreal, the so-called “Europe of North America”.
Every day there are many flights from NY to Canada that you can often find one cheaper than many domestic flights.



Montreal is a most prominent city in the Canadian province of Quebec. As you may expect for the second largest French- speaking city in the world, the influence of French culture remains strong and you will hear French as soon as you arrive.



Almost everything, including public signs, are written in French. However, don’t sweat it! Travelling in this city is very simple and easy. Take the 747 bus from the airport to reach downtown in only 45 min. Additionally, the one day bus pass you buy to take the 747 doubles as a 24 hour day pass. You can use for all of Montreal.

公共施設の表示だってもちろんフランス語が中心です。ただ、交通の便はとても良いのでご心配なく。すごく分かりやすい! ちなみに空港からは747番のバスに乗ればダウンタウンまで45分ほどですし、そのパスで24時間市内の地下鉄・バスが乗り放題になりますよ。

The first place I visited was the Notre-Dame Basilica. Although it wasn’t originally a very big church since congregation in 1824, the congregation rebuilt to increase its size to what it is today. You can easily understand how much time and efforts went into this construction by observing the elaborately designed engravings on the walls and ceiling. The holiness and brilliance of the Notre-Dame Basilica attract not only both locals and tourists from all over the world.

まず私が向かったのはノートルダム大聖堂。元々はそれほど大きな教会ではなかったのですが、信者の数が増え続け、1824年頃に現在のノートルダム大聖堂を建築することになりました。随所に見られる彫刻、天井や壁の細かい装飾を見ると相当な時間と労力を費やしたことが分かります。 今もその神聖さと荘厳さが地元の人々だけでなく、観光客を惹きつけています。



This historical district, where Notre-Dame Basilica is located, is called Old Montreal. Please take a walk around Old Montreal, I think you will be impressed by elegant atmosphere. Also, there are many heritage attractions such as Place d’ Armes, Marche Bonsecours, and the Montreal City Hall. The Marche is a nice spot to pick up souvenirs like Maple syrup, Canadian handcrafted gems, and much more.

ノートルダム大聖堂が位置するOld Montrealと言われる歴史的市区は街並みに趣があり、観光名所もいっぱい。大聖堂の目の前にはPlace d’ Armes、少し歩くとモントリオール市庁舎やボンスクール・マーケットなどもあるので、散策するには最適なエリアです。マーケットはお土産探しをするのにも便利な場所。メープルシロップはもちろん、カナダならではのハンドクラフト製品など、様々なものが揃っていますよ。


If your time is limited like mine is, I would recommend you go to Old Montreal first for sightseeing. If you have the time, a 2 days trip is ideal since Old Montreal also has great museums and park.

私のように時間が限られている方にはOld Montreal中心の観光がモントリオールらしさを感じられるかと思いますが、美術館や公園も充実している街なので、2日くらいは滞在できると理想的です。

By the way, as you might expect from a city steeped in French culture, Montreal offers countless opportunities for delicious meals. I never had a bad meal throughout my entire trip, not even once. Please refer to my next post to see what I ate in Montreal.

そしてフランスが美食の国であるように、モントリオールも美味しい物の宝庫。 基本的に私が今回の旅行中に食べたもので外れは無かったように思います。 私がモントリオールで出会った食べ物のお話は次の記事をご参照下さいね。

If you would like to experience the feel of Europe in just a short trip from the United States, then I definitely recommend you visit Montreal.



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