【New York】NOGLU – Sweet + Health –

NOGLU is a delightful bakery/café that offers gluten-free pastries and meals.  There is only one location outside of Paris and it’s here is in New York.  Although New York is filled with tempting delicacies, many New Yorkers care greatly about their health.  That’s why, I believe gluten-free shops like NOGLU attract locals.  Actually, I sow some customers who ask questions like “Is this all gluten-free?” “Can I make personal order for a party?”

この“グルテンフリー”パティスリーはとても魅力的な存在なのです。 実際に私が店内にいた10分少々の間にも、『本当に全部グルテンフリー?』『パーティー用にケーキの注文はできる?』などと、グルテンフリーに惹かれてNOGLUを訪れる人が何人もいました。

IMG_3814 (2)

In addition to healthy ingredients, NOGUL offers sophisticated presentation, which captures the essence of Paris and New York. I was fascinated.  Their elaborately decorated cakes looked too delicious to be gluten-free!


But what good is a bakery if their food isn’t any good? Luckily, everything at NOGUL tastes great!  At their café, you can order food off their menu or pick a pastry from their show-case.


IMG_1560 (2)


My favorite is a coconut tart. The natural sweetness of coconuts is amazing.


IMG_1556 (2)

Health consciousness is trendy in New York at the moment with many people now exercising more and eating healthier.  Some people care not only about ingredients and where food is sourced but how it is prepared and restaurant policy as well.  NOGLU might be a good choice for someone who are looking for high quality, healthy sweets.


IMG_3818 (2)


NOGLU NYC1266 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10128


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