【California】Death Valley – Load trip –

Since I finally got a break last month, I visited the West Coast and Midwestern regions of the United States to recharge myself.  In addition to those from major cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, I have some truly unforgettable memories of “Death Valley”. I was very impressed by the marvels of nature and the incredible views that I need to share with you here. It was totally different from anywhere in New York.

束の間のお休みがあった5月、パワーチャージをしたくてアメリカの西海岸や中西部を訪れました。サンフランシスコやロサンゼルスなどの主要都市も楽しく回りましたが、今回ここで取り上げたいのはデスヴァレーでの時間。 同じアメリカ国内とは思えないほどの広大な自然と世界観に圧倒されると共に、ニューヨークでは得られないパワーをもらいました。

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First of all, what’s Death Valley?  It’s one of the National Parks in the U.S. that’s located in California and one tiny part of Nevada. Driving is necessary to reach it and the drive takes about 8h from San Francisco, 5h from Los Angeles and 2-3h from Las Vegas.


IMG_0985 (2)

There are extensive deserts and forests in all Midwestern states, and you can find national parks almost everywhere. Among them, Death Valley is the largest, hottest, driest and lowest elevation national park. Incredible!



Not only Death Valley itself is a huge desert, it is surrounded by more desert.  So, as you start driving, you’ll quickly start to feel like you are travelling through an endless barren landscape. I didn’t even notice when I entered the park! Additionally, the lack of other cars on the road might make you nervous but no worries!  The most magnificent views are waiting for you deep into Death Valley. You’ll be overwhelmed by humongous rocks and interesting topography. There are some hilly slopes and sharp curves, so please drive carefully.

さて、デスヴァレーに入る前も後も基本的に砂漠地帯が続いているので、公園に入り始めの頃は広大な砂漠道を永遠と走っている気分になります。私は公園内に入ったことに気づきませんでした。 車の数も少なく、ちょっと不安になるかもしれませんが、ご心配なく。 奥に入れば入るほど、見たこともない絶景に出会います! ドライブをしているだけでも、巨大な岩や、運転手を惑わしそうなほどの坂やカーブという地形そのものにも圧倒されるはずです。


If you come to Death Valley, you can’t miss “Badwater”. This is one of the most famous spots in the park. With a meager elevation of 85.2m (282 ft) below sea level, Bad water is the lowest dry land in North America.  As soon as you arrive, you’ll see a long white road plus what looks like a massive white lake in the distance. This white “lake” is actually entirely composed of salt from evaporated water. Walk across and you’ll hear crunchy sounds much like those you might hear walking through snow. Yes, it’s all salt as far as you can see! I’m sure that this will be the first and the last time I see this much salt all at once in my life…



Next is “Dantes View”. I personally loved this place the most in this park. Its peak is about 1700m above sea level which allows you to get the whole view of the valley. Right under there is the Badwater. This is an extraordinary view.  At the same time, you’ll find adorable flowers and greens truly evoke the greatness of nature. It’s good place to enjoy hiking, too. I definitely recommend that you go.

次に訪れたのは“Dantes View(ダンテスビュー)”。 私としては是非ともオススメしたい場所です。標高約1700mの山頂から、デスヴァレーを一望することができ、Badwaterも真下に見えるという、素晴らしいビューポイントでした。山頂には可愛らしい花や緑が所々に生えていて、自然の逞しさ、偉大さを感じることができます。 是非、ハイキングをしながら絶景を楽しみましょう。


There are so many viewpoints in this park to visit that you won’t want to stop, but especially during daytime, you might get tired from the heat and dryness. However, if it’s possible, I want you to stay here until night, because a beautiful, nostalgic, starry sky will appear!  Although you need to be careful about sandstorms, it’s worth going outside. I had never seen such a clear starry sky and countless shooting stars. It’s relaxing but youwill also feel an immense power.

昼間は他にも色々と観光ポイントがあり、暑さと乾燥で疲れてしまうかもしれませんが、もし夜までいることができれば絶対に見てほしいのが、星空です。天気によっては砂嵐に気を付けなければなりませんが、頑張って夜外に出る価値はあります。すごくクリアに、空いっぱいの星を見ることができますし、流れ星の数がとっても多い! リラックスできると共に、現実に戻っても頑張れるような、パワーをもらえる時間となります。

I definitely recommend you visit Death Valley if you have a chance to come to Midwest area of the states. Please be aware of heat and dryness (sunglasses, sunscreen, and moisturizers are a must!). But then you’ll be ready to disconnect from everyday life and enjoy a truly unreal experience!

アメリカ西部に来ることがあれば、デスヴァレーへのトリップはとてもオススメです。暑さと乾燥だけには気を付けて(サングラス、日焼け止め、保湿クリーム必須です。) 現実離れした体験を楽しみましょう。


Death Valley national park : https://www.nps.gov/deva/index.htm

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