【Tokyo – 東京】teamLab★Planet

Groundbreaking digital art museum is opened in Toyosu, Tokyo! It opens only for 2 years and surpasses our concept of art museums.



On July 7th  2018, I joined the opening day of teamLab☆Planet. It’s also regarded as an evolved version of teamLab☆Borderless in Odaiba, which opened in June, but has more interactive attraction features.

2018年7月7日七夕、私が参加したのはチームラボ☆プラネッツ のオープン初日。 今年6月よりお台場にオープンしたチームラボ☆ボーダレスの進化版とも言える、アトラクションの要素を含んだデジタルアートミュージアムです。


Although I have seen several digital art exhibits before, the teamLab☆Planet presented the most innovative, interactive system I have ever seen. For example, in addition to the actual art, the experience including an outfit (provided to those ladies who wore dresses and skirts), queues and walking routes are organized very well so that guests can maximize their enjoyment.



I’d love to describe in greater detail about this art but I honestly think it’s difficult to understand through only words or pictures. Visiting and feeling it by yourself is the best and only way to find out. In line with teamLab’s “Body Immersive” concept, an extremely interactive and new experience is waiting for you.

正直この本当の楽しさを言葉や写真を見るだけで理解するのは難しいと思います。ご自身で体感するのが一番です。「Body Immersive」というコンセプト通り、人々とアートがインターラクティヴになれる全く新しい体験が待っていますよ。


If you want to experience something new in terms of art, this is the spot you can’t miss this summer.


Address:東京都江東区豊洲6丁目1-16(6 Chome-1-16 Toyosu, Koto City, Tokyo
Access:新豊洲駅より 徒歩1分 ・市場前駅、豊洲市場より徒歩5分(ゆりかもめ東京臨海新交通臨海線)
Admissions per adult, Student/Child discount apply

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