【Ehime-愛媛】Moss cafe / Kokemushiro

In Ehime, there is a café I often want to visit despite the several few hour drive.

It becomes more attractive especially after rain because surrounding trees and greens creates whimsical atmosphere.  None of cool cafés in the city can’t replace it.




Comments like “what a relaxing cafe” may be commonplace for cafés but this particular café has an unimaginable power to relax. It is worth driving a few hours from the center of Ehime, Matsuyama city.


Once you are surrounded by the clean calm air generated by surrounding trees and a lovely, green carpet, stress will wash away and your mind will be clear again.



You will feel purified and at peace while having a cup of tea or coffee

The café sells pastries made with local ingredients, so you can enjoy unique local tastes in this special place.



The green carpet that I mentioned earlier is composed of small clusters of moss.  Each one is tiny but has a powerful calming power. I couldn’t help but wonder why Japanese people loves moss and find it so calming f since I’ve heard that, much like with weeds, other cultures can treat moss more like a pest.



Seems like moss resonates deeply with Japanese people.

Since Japan’s humid climate provides the perfect conditions for moss to thrive, its omnipresence influenced our aesthetics sense and thought.

It is essential element in Japanese art such as Japanese garden or Bonsai. Our national anthem even uses the word “moss” as a metaphor for an eternal or long-lasting situation.

Because we live side by side, I believe this plant has been respected by Japanese people for a long time.



日本庭園や盆栽という芸術にも苔は必要不可欠であり、『こけむす=その状態が長く続くこと』の意味で国歌の中にも出てくる。 共存してきたが故に尊敬されてきた植物なのだ。


When I rediscover such traditions and the bonds between moss and Japan, I became more fascinated with this café.  Simply spending time walking and having a tea here brings out extraordinary feeling for me.



《Shop Info》 
Address: 愛媛県西予市宇和町信里 2099(2099 Uwacho Nobusato, Seiyo, Ehime  





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