The cafe that made me want to take a trip


Today’s cafe is in Fukui prefecture!


To be honest, I might not have taken a trip to Fukui prefecture yet if this cafe wasn’t there.


琵琶湖や東尋坊といった主要観光地を訪れながらも、私にとって絶対に外したくなかったのがOedo plus です。

I took a road trip through Osaka, Shiga and Fukui area during the long weekend.

In addition to famous sightseeing places such as Lake Biwa and Tojinbo (Cave), Oedo plus was the café I decided to visit during this trip.





Although I have been to many cafes, this was the first one that I felt excitement from the beginning to the end.

First of all, their unusual location will surprise you. “How can anyone find this place??”  That was my first impression.

After driving through a secluded residential area, you’ll see a sleek building among bushes and other houses. I actually wasn’t sure if we were driving the right way or not.





And of course, foods are flavorful, colorful and beautiful. You can enjoy either (or both?) a nutritious Japanese lunch or delicious western style waffles.

As its photogenic decoration and variety of ingredients, the Japanese meals looked more popular than the waffles when I visited, but I strongly recommend trying the waffles as well. They are super fluffy and smothered with many kind of fruits. Also, it comes with 4 kinds of sauces – maple syrup, strawberry, caramel, chocolate – that you can experiment with and customize the flavor to your personal taste. It’s fun and appetizing.



The stylish  interior and accessories that are displayed for sale make for a very sophisticated atmosphere in this café and it made me want to stay longer.




However, in order to beat heavy traffic on the way back to Osaka, I left the café shortly after my lunch picking up some of their popular muffins and a latte. Those muffins kept me happy for the rest of the road trip.

Even if you don’t have time for a sitdown meal, it is worth coming just for grabbing a snack or a drink to go since their takeout menu has many itemsas well.


福井への旅が決まってからというもの、行くのがとっても楽しみだったOedo Plus. 期待を裏切ることはありませんでした!


I was looking forward to visiting Oedo Plus since I decided to take a road trip through the Kansai area. It was awesome as expected.

It’s far from Tokyo but made me want to visit again regardless of the distance.

《Shop Info》
Address: 福井県越前市宮谷53(53 Miyadani, Echizen-city, Fukui)
Google Map🗺



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