【Tokyo – 東京】Soft cone

A soft cone. It is eaten in all over the world but I believe Japan is the only place where soft cones have such wide range of flavor line up. In addition to common flavors, many of them has originality and sometimes be used as a powerful advertisement of local specialty food.



I felt that way since I realized I have been eating so many kinds of soft cone in my go to area, Marunouch – Yurakucho – Ginza.

Orange, Kabosu citrus, Strawberry, chocolate, melon, yum, mango and vanilla… those are flavors of soft cones I have eaten in that area.  According to my quick research, there are more soft cones that have unique flavors.

The area is actually well known as a business area, but I think it can be referred to a soft cone battleground as well.


ミカン、カボス、イチゴ、メロン、紅芋、マンゴー、ミルク、高級チョコ… これらは東京、丸ノ内〜有楽町〜銀座で私が食べたソフトクリームの種類。ちょっと調べてみたところ、このエリアにはまだまだ他にもオリジナリティ溢れるソフトクリームが存在しています。



The main reason why the area is very competitive is that there are many local shops (we call them “antenna shops”)from all over Japan. Each of them has a soft cone made with their specialty food or ingredient. Additionally, numbers of high end confection shops are presenting their special soft cones.




Among the countless flavors, my recommendations are Orange from Ehime and Kabosu from Oita.  I’m not choosing them just because I personally love Ehime. I believe citrus tend to create fresh and bit sour taste but creamy texture is blended very well for those two soft cones. You will enjoy elfishness and creaminess at the same time and I found it is rare texture. Besides, orange soft cone is vegan.

さて、数々のソフトクリーム中でも私の一押しは愛媛のミカンと大分のカボス。理由は愛媛が好きだからというだけではありません! この2つは柑橘系特有の酸味をソフトクリームのクリーミー感が上手く包んでいて、クリーム感があるのにサッパリ食べられます。あまり食べた事のない味だと思います。ちなみに愛媛のミカンソフトはヴィーガンですよ。


I believe not only sweets lovers, but also business people who look mature in neat suits are enjoying those soft cones around this area.