【Tokyo – 東京】Let’s experience Japanese timber and technology at Tokyo “CLT PARK HARUMI”

Let’s experience Japanese timber and technology at Tokyo “CLT PARK HARUMI”

東京「CLT PARK HARUMI」で日本の木材&テクノロジーを体感!

この度、東京「CLT PARK HARUMI」について書かせて頂きましたので


Harumi is an area that is close enough to popular tourist attractions such as Ginza,  or Tsukiji, and a the more recent attraction, the Tokyo Olympic village. CLT PARK HARUMI was built here as a limited-time park, which opens until fall of 2020.

This facility was built with CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber), a relatively new timber designed by Kengo Kuma Associate.  CLT PARK HARUMI is a state-of-the-art place that consists of one exterior pavilion and two interior exhibition buildings. Admission is free.

What is CLT ?

CLT is Cross-laminated timber consisting of massive panels made from layers of wood glued together orthogonally, so that the fibers alternate in direction. The relatively new and sustainable timber has been gaining momentum for usage.

As we can infer from the dynamic design of the exterior pavilion and the precise design of the grand staircase in the exhibition building, diversity of design and usage are also a strength.

Also,  because the organizer wanted to connect this project to domestic forestry and regional revitalization, the CLT used for CLT PARK HARUMI originates from the countryside – Maniwa city, Okayama, Japan.

Since the Harumi -area is expecting visitors from all over the world, it will be the perfect place to spread the attraction and charms of Japanese CLT globally.


The inside of the facility embodies Kengo Kuma’s charming designs.

In the “Crossing Forest” room, where you can read books or play with wooden toys as you take in the softness of the curves and the warmth of the trees.  Conversely, stairs, designed as a stack of CLT materials, give off a tangible sense of momentum as you ascend them.

Can you find any other place that feels like this in the middle of this urban city?


Enjoy the newest activities at “Play Forest”

There are many activities to do at CLT PARK HARUMI. It’s not a conventional park either, more like a futuristic playground appropriately called the “Play Forest”.

First of all, the  beautiful, eye-catching pavilion. It stands out on the Harumi -avenue. You’ll be surprised by not only its appearance but also by what’s inside. The colorful floor surrounded by the lawn is a digital panel.


The floor reacts to moving objects and changes its color as you walk through it. The effect creates an interesting, futuristic atmosphere and that definitely makes you want to step in… at least once!

Expect many kids running through here on weekends.


There are many innovative activities inside of the exhibition building, too.

You can play games and puzzles on the touch panel, and enter digital panels to enjoy “shadow play.”

The activity spaces combine nostalgia and modernity to present a modern version of a traditional form.

Useful community spaces for adults.

Targeting adults and, especially neighbors, the “Grow with Google Learning Center” supports digital skill acquisition. Seminars for local companies and individuals are regularly offered here.

Learning something in such a wonderful space could definitely increase your motivation.


Finally, let me introduce another community space, a café.

You can taste local gourmet of Okayama Prefecture, the same area where the timber used in this facility originate from. Let’s have a taste of Okayama specialty foods such as “Murazuzume” and “Ebimushi” while surrounded by CLT that came from Okayama. And when the sun sets, the pavilion floor really stands out, resulting in an enjoyably atmosphere than during the day.


Engaged in the sustainable concept.

After 2020, the facility will be relocated and used in Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture in order to connect cities and suburbs, and their resources and culture. It’s a revolutionary idea.

Why don’t you experience the facility created by Japan’s leading architects including a new play facility during this limited time?

This information is provided as of March 2020. Please check the latest information on the official website.

Address: 東京都中央区晴海3丁目2-15(3-2-5 Harumi Chup-ku, Tokyo)
         → Google Map
Access:勝どき駅(都営大江戸線)から徒歩5分 (5 min walk from Kachidoki station)
HP: https://www.harumiclt.com/

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