Wagashi (Japanese sweets) and Japanese tea.

Wagashi (Japanese sweets) and Japanese tea. 和菓子と日本茶。


Some things that I am into recently are wagashi (Japanese sweets) and Japanese tea.



I used to drink coffee everyday but I’ve  swapped to green tea lately and I am naturally looking for a café that carries good tea.



This newfound  enthusiasm got  me  studying about tea and then getting certification for Japanese tea.


I believe the certification is for beginners but it was very efficient and fun way to acquire basic knowledge of Japanese tea.

IMG_5537 (1)


Because of that, I could have  deeper conversations with staff when choosing  a cup of tea at a café and I started taking time to choose tea leaves for my home by carefully examining and smelling the leaves at  tea shops.



After deepening my understanding of the history, manufacturing process , health benefits, etc. , the tea I drink became more delicious and special than ever.



Naturally, the sweets that goes best  , with Japanese tea would be Wagashi (Japanese sweets). I am interested in the beautiful “Nerikiri” , which are often prepared with seasonally-inspired ingredients and designs.that  I am currently taking a class to learn more about the tasty, healthy treat  Wagashi.



From now on, I will actively write about Japanese tea time and good tea café as well.

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