【Kochi – 高知】Stay, relax, and recharge yourself again! Hot spring resort “Shimanto no Yado” located besides the Tosa-bay (Pacific Ocean).



Shimanto river, the Pacific Ocean, and lush green. Shimanto-city in Kochi-prefecture is a place where  you can gain immense power from natures  just by visiting there. 

If you are considering an overnight stay, I would strongly recommend the  “Shimanto no Yado” hot spring resort  facing the Tosa-bay (Pacific Ocean).

You will be relaxed by an atmosphere in harmony with nature, great meals made with local ingredients, hot springs, and thoughtful service.


Warmth you can feel right after arriving

As soon as you enter the facility, you will instantly feel warmth from the abundant wooden furniture and the staff’s “omote nashi (great hospitality) ”  When you check in, the front staff starts with a standard introduction with some useful info on, how to best spend your time in Shimanto.  

After hearing about the best spot for observing sunrises, seasonal stargazing,  and attractions around the inn, you will be more excited about your stay. The wide, open view in Shimanto should allow you to see the stars very clearly and there is an observatory within walking distance as well.


You can easily understand how much residents  love their town from the variety of Kochi-made souvenirs displayed near the front desk.  Let’s pick up something special  from the huge lineup of  souvenirs !


Spacious public space and resort quality guest rooms

Everywhere in this inn, including the lobby and a bar  is  spacious.

Guest rooms are line the  yard like lodges. It’s attractive that you can access outside and interact with nature as soon as you leave your room.


There are many kinds of rooms including  Japanese-style, Western-style and mixed style with a loft.  The twin western style room  pictured below is the most common style of the 30 rooms offered at the inn.

It’s enough space for two people and modern Japanese interiors and lighting create a warm atmosphere.


If you prefer a more serene, traditional stay, I would recommend a  Japanese-style room.

Lying down on futon-bed on a Tatami-mat should  naturally accentuate the feel of staying at a  hot spring inn.

It’s good to have an opinion to choose  depending on your reason for staying or company.


Shimanto iyashi no yu (Shimanto healing hot spring)

The hot spring in this inn is called “ Shimanto iyashi no yu” (Shimanto healing hot spring).  Besides a natural hot spring, you can enjoy other  unique hot springs such as a medicated herb g and a seawater open air varieties. 


Since it’s popular among locals, you can expect crowds at   the hot springs but luckily, the inn offers  “Hotel guests exclusive time” in the early morning and late evening.

Once you relaxed  and warmed up your body, you will feel reinvigorated. The inn takes this so seriously that “relaxing your mind” is the concept for the inn. Actually, “Getting back to yourself” is a concept of this Inn.

After refreshing yourself in the hot springs, you may want to check out their cold drinks and ice cream. There is a large variety. So, please take a close look. 

You will be delightedly the many products exclusive to the Kochi prefecture.


Satisfy your appetite with locally grown foods

One of the pleasures of staying Japanese Inn is a meal. At the inn’s restaurant “Sanzenkai”, you will be able to enjoy multi course Japanese dinner that makes great use of local ingredients.

Seared bonito and row fish from the ocean, simmered sweet fish from the river, seasonal vegetables and Shimanto beef from the mountain.  Many kinds of locally grown food will satisfy your appetite.


At breakfast, the inn will provides a nutritious  variety of small dishes.  And of course they are made with local ingredients.

Since they change the menu seasonally, you will experience the freshest food when you visit.

The view you cannot miss

Last but not least, I will recommend sunrise viewing for everyone who stays in this Inn. You can access an observatory in only 3 minutes by foot  to see the sunrise from the Pacific Ocean.


I believe this is one of the most beautiful sunrises in all of Japan.

Please enjoy the hot spring, rest up, and wake up early!

Healed by the hot spring and be impressed by nature

“Shimanto no yado” is a rare place that allows you to enjoy seasonal nature, starry sky and amazing view during sunset and sunrise.

Please enjoy the rejuvenating power of nature,  hot springs and delicious meals.

Address: 高知県四万十市下田3370(3370 Shimoda, Shimanto, Kochi 787-0155
     → Google Map🗺 Phone:+81-880-33-1600
Access:土佐くろしお鉄道 中村駅 からバスで約30分 いやしの里下車
    30 min by bus from Nakamura station. Please get off at "Iyashino sato"
HP: https://www.shimantonoyado.co.jp/

**This information is as of January 2020. Please check the latest information on the website.


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