Brooklyn Roasting Company

東京でブルックリンが恋しくなった時に行くカフェといえば、Brooklyn Roasting Company.

When I miss Brooklyn, I often go to the  “Brooklyn Roasting Company” café in Tokyo.


Although I didn’t have many chances to go there when I was living in New York, my frequency of visits has been rapidly increasing since I started living in Tokyo.



One of the reasons might be the location. It’s in area that I typically visit daily  but I’m also just happy to experience an ambience of Brooklyn while living in Japan.    It’s right there in the logo ‘’BROOKLYN” !!.




My regular order in here is a cup of coffee and a thick, insanely sweet American cookie. However, as a Japanese specialty drink, I definitely want you to try Matcha Latte at least once because they make it with organic good quality matcha from Southern part of Japan. It’s a high quality drink that’s not too sweet.



Both two cafés in Tokyo are located inside of a  shop that specia;ozes in  imported goods from overseas. So, Brooklyn Roasting Company  is in line with the western-ish atmosphere.


Speaking of which,, if I remember correctly, the Dumbo Brooklyn Roasting Company location was also inside of a specialty  shop, too. West Elm, I think?



I’d like to visit real Brooklyn again once this pandemic is  over.

Brooklyn Roasting Company in Dumbo/©Kuminyroom
《Shop Info》
Locations in Tokyo & Osaka :

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