【Tokyo – 東京】Japan’s only advertising museum, The Ad museum Tokyo, is in Shiodome!

Japan’s only advertising museum, The Ad museum Tokyo, is in Shiodome!




Usually, we are looking at advertisements unintentionally. However, this museum in Shiodome, Tokyo will completely change your image and value of them.

The Ad museum Tokyo is a museum that is dedicated to advertisements (as you can tell by the name) and such a museum is one of a kind, not only in Japan, but also in the world. It’s located in the Caretta Shiodome Building which is accessible from both Shiodome and Shinbashi stations and generously, admission is free.  If you come to Tokyo and get a chance to visit Shiodome, this is one of the spots I would like you to drop by.


What is Ad Museum Tokyo?

The Ad Museum Tokyo opened in 2002 to help provide a deep understanding of social and cultural value that ads provide for people.

The museum has about 320,000 works and documents from the Edo era to the present day stored. There is no other museum that you can appreciate such a wide range of generations and genres of advertisement like this.

Besides a permanent exhibition area, there is a special exhibition area and library that we can see and read books about ad and marketing.

Because of those wide range of selection, all generations can enjoy visiting there. Also, that uniqueness attracts guests from overseas. Most of the pieces have both Japanese and English instructions.


Let’s start with “History of Japanese advertisement” and travel into the past!

The first area I would like you to check is “History of Japanese advertisement”.

It is said that the history of advertisement and marketing started in Edo era (1603 – 1868). You will be able to understand Japanese society, economy, and trend of each era by looking at the words, design and materials used at each piece.

There are many ads you cannot usually see like “Ebira” and “Hikifuda” that worked as flyers in Edo era.


Also, for those of us who grew up in Japan, you will find your favorite TV commercials when you were a kid or ads of popular products when you were a teenager. Those ads will make you feel like you are traveling into the past.

Regardless of age, I think all visitors will catch themselves saying “I remember this!” and stop in front of that ad for a while.

You’ll be moved again in the Audio-Visual Booth “Four Feelings”


Objects like a fluffy cloud in the center of the facility are audio visual booths.

Each booth has a theme like “entertaining” or “provoking” and you are able to watch carefully selected ads that stir your emotions. Even foreign commercials are included in this selection.

All messages will resonate with you by watching in the booth that is secluded from outer surroundings.

You should definitely try them out!

Let’s find your favorite ad in the collection tables!

After taking in the aesthetics of a variety of ads, you will be getting more interested in ads and wonder “What were commercials like in the old days?” or “Can I find an old ad for some product?”.

In that case, let’s find these commercials in the collection tables.


In the touch panel digital table, a variety of TV commercials, posters and other advertisements are introduced that visitors can freely select from a set thumbnails based on their interest and watch them.


For the traditional (analog) ads, you are able to appreciate them on the analog table.

By looking at a number of wonderful advertisements that you would not think were made roughly 300 years ago, you will find some different ideas when compared to the digital era.

Deepen your knowledge at its library and special exhibition.


If you go to the upstairs from the main floor, there is a library space.

Many books that focus on deepening knowledge and understanding of ads or books that are simply joyful to read will be waiting for you. Please check it out.


Last but not least, enjoy more unique and creative pieces such as works from the advertisement contest or selected foreign ads at the special exhibition area.

Ad museum Tokyo – The only museum in Japan dedicated to the advertising and marketing.

You’ll realize how ads in our daily life reflect our society and have a strong impact. Also, you will find something new and special.

Address: 東京都港区東新橋1-8-2(1-8-2, Higashishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo )
     → Google Map
Access:5 min from Shimbashi station, 3 min from Shiodome station by walk
HP: https://www.admt.jp/

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