【Tokyo – 東京】Let’s stay in the Shitamachi (traditional / old town) area !


Let’s stay at the “Prostyle Ryokan Tokyo Asakusa” in the Shitamachi (traditional / old town) area !

下町のまちなか旅館「プロスタイル旅館 東京浅草」に泊まろう!

この度、LINEトラベル.jpにて「プロスタイル旅館東京 浅草」について書かせて頂きましたので


Of the many tourist areas in Tokyo, Asakusa is one of the most popular areas for tourists. Prostyle Ryokan Tokyo Asakusa has been offering Japanese hospitality and comfort time in Asakusa since it opened in 2019. I’ll describe this modern take on the traditional Japanese Inn located in this old-style Tokyo area.

Interior that comfortably intersects modernity and Japanese tradition

As soon as you step into the inn, you’ll feel an olden times style smartly and seamlessly mixed with  sophisticated atmosphere made by Japanese taste that is expressed in a modern way.  At the entrance, a bar and a display case of Japanese snacks (da-ga-shi) are set out to welcome you. For Japanese people, da-ga-shi will definitely remind you of your childhood.


You will take a seat with a cup of tasty tea while check-in. Guests who are tired from sightseeing or a long trip from aborad are sure to feel relaxed from the moment of check-in.


Guest rooms are modern Japanese style as well. All rooms have comfortable beds on the “tatami” floor. Japanese people tend to feel a homelike atmostphere and settle down better with tatami floor and I believe it will be a special experience for foreigners as well. There are several types of rooms from single to suite so that you can chose the most suitable one for your stay.


Also, their carefully selected amenities are all locally made in Japan.  For example, bath amenities that are made from organic green tea leaves, wonderful textured towels from Imabari (Japan’s historic textile island), and coasters that are designed with Japanese traditional patterns.  These types of high-quality products create an impressive ambiance.

Let’s enjoy open air bath in the middle of the urban city.

One of the most essential things when you stay in a Japanese style inn is a bath.


At Prostyle Ryokan Tokyo Asakusa, some guest rooms have open air or semi-open air baths in the room. A stone bath tab surrounded by a floor paved with pebbles make for a fantastic atmosphere. Since the shower room is separately situated in a room directly next to the bath, the bathroom itself is very practical to use.  There are not many accommodations you can enjoy open air bath in Tokyo with this level of service, ambience, and price point.


Also, a table and chairs are equipped in the spacious balcony so that you can enjoy your time out there. You’ll enjoy reading or drinking beer while feeling a a touch of nature despite being in the city.

Recharge yourself with breakfast at “Kotakino”

If you chose a breakfast inclusive stay plan, you can have Japanese or western style breakfast at the restaurant, Kotakino .


My recommendation is definitely a Japanese style breakfast. The meal was made of variety of local foods such as yuba and tsukudani from traditional shops in Asakausa. Additionally, our breakfast came with a small hotpot, with delicious fresh Japanese beef which this restaurant is known for.

You’ll gain energy from this delicious breakfast before exploring Asakusa or sightseeing in Tokyo. Both which a well enjoyed with lot of walking.

Accessible location

Another highlight of this inn is its accessibility. It’s located near transportations such as a water-bus and subway lines and most of the main sightseeing attractions in Asakusa.


Besides the famous Kaminarimon and Asakusa Temple, “Sumida river walk” – the passage you can walk with great view of the Tokyo sky tree and the new attraction “Tokyo Mizumachi” are within walking distance. I highly recommend taking a walk at night to enjoy the night view as well.


Being situated near a variety of transportation options means you are able to access other areas in Tokyo easily. You can go shopping by train and reach Hamarikyu garden or Odaiba by water-bus

Actively explore Tokyo and get a good rest in the inn

If you are planning to visit several areas in Tokyo, and want to relax by receiving great service in Japanese inn, Prostyle Ryokan Tokyo Asakusa is one of the best places to be based in during your stay. Have a wonderful stay in Tokyo’s Shitamachi area!

Address:2-chōme-12-11 Hanakawado Taito City, Tōkyō-to 111-0033 
     → Google Map
Access:5 mins from Asakusa station
HP: https://www.prostyleryokan.com/tokyo-asakusa/

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