【Tokyo – 東京】 Let’s check out “SMALL WORLDS TOKYO” in Ariake for some adventure!


1:80 scale world!? Let’s check out  “SMALL WORLDS TOKYO” in Ariake for some adventure!

1/80 の世界!?東京・有明「SMALL WORLDS TOKYO」で⼤冒険︕

この度、LINEトラベル.jpにて「SMALL WORLDS TOKYO」について書かせて頂きましたので

“SMALL WORLDS TOKYO”  opened in June, 2020 in Ariake, Tokyo – a lovely addition to a city filled with attractions. It’s a small, 1:80 scale miniature theme park.  One of the largest indoor miniature theme park in the world! Let’s jump into a whimsical world that intersects reality and fantasy.

The worldview of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO

SMALL WORLDS TOKYO is an indoor theme park that recreates cities of the world, space centers, and  popular anime settings in 1:80 scale . There are six  exhibition areas “Space Center” , “Global Village” , “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” , “Kansai International Airport”, “Evangelion Cage “, and “Evangelion TokyoⅢ” area. All  worth seeing. You will be dragged into the unique world similar to the one that you know but not quite the same.


One of the more remarkable features is the  adoption of  cutting-edge technology. At this theme park, those small cities are moving constantly like our daily life. Moving objects such as cars and airplanes are  driven not by conventional but the new technology adopted in actual vehicles.

Also, the time cycle in these small worlds is also scaled down from 24 hours to 15minutes so that we can see the scenery of day and night alternate every 15 minutes.

Let’s go on an adventure walking through the Gulliver tunnel!

The SMALL WORLDS TOKYO adventure starts with a walk through the Gulliver tunnel which then connects to the small worlds. This tunnel itsef, with a large entrance and a small exit” demonstrates the “small worlds” concept. After going through the tunnel, please proceed to the exhibition area on the third floor.


The first thing  you will be the “Space Center” area. You will be able to simultaneously experience both the Apollo program in 1970 and a future space center . On the 1970s side, you can even see the Saturn V launch at a close range!


Fusion of reality and fantasy

The one that most  feels like traveling inside  these tiny spaces  is the “Global Village” area.  There are 5 cities (or villages) modelled after Switzerland, Germany Dubrovnik, England and Asia.

The notable difference between the models and the real world  is that each country has different historical backdrop and people are living with imaginary creatures such as dragons, offering an experience unique to these miniature world. (For example, look down the landmarks that you were looking up during your actual trip and take a picture of different era of each city. )


Now for the, “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” , “Evangelion Cage Area” and “Evangelion Tokyo-Ⅲ” areas each one is a replication of setting in their respective anime series. Those are created precisely so that you may recall their famous scenes.

By the way, cars running in those miniature cities are driven by automatic operation system so that they can stop at red lights or obstacles.

©khara ©Kuminyroom

Let’s feel excitement of the trip by air!

Finally, you can experience the excitement of going on a trip at “Kansai Interesting Airport” area where you can see airplanes taking off  and landing at close range. And since this is an international airport, not only Japanese but  foreign airplanes are faithfully reproduced as well. It’s very realistic and it will even make you think about your next trip.


The inside of the airport is elaborately constructed. Is there any other place that allows you to see the sectional view of an airport like this? Realistic sounds of airplane engines and airport announcement will elevate your excitement to go on a trip.


More than enough activities! Would you like to live in SMALL WORLDS!?

If you are into this miniature world, you may consider living there as a resident… but how?  You can make that dream come true by making your own figure and purchasing a residential parmit. If you are interested in it, please proceed to the resident support center on the 3rd floor. Their state-of-art 3D scanner will create a 1:80 scale miniature of you and it will be placed in your favorite spot of the small worlds!

Also, they often hold workshops and events. So, I recommend  checking  their website ahead of your visit. You might be able to see craftsmen working in their atelier or join the backyard tour.


“ SMALL WORLDS TOKYO” is a miniature park that makes full use of the latest technology.

Why don’t you jump in this tiny world? The adventure that surpasses your expectation is waiting for you.

Address: 1−3−33 B3,Ariake,Koto-ku,Tokyo  
     → Google Map
Access:3 mins from Ariake tenisuno mori station (Yurikamome line) / 9 mins from Kokusai tenjijyo station (Rinkai line)
HP: https://www.smallworlds.jp/en/

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