【Podcast Eps.2】Kiyosumi Shirakawa

Podcast : https://anchor.fm/kuminyroom

Today’s station is “Kiyosumi Shirakawa station”. The Tokyo metro Hanzomon line and the Tokyo subway Oedo line both take you to this station.

Café lovers might know this already but this area is famous for countless cafes.

さて、今回の駅は「清澄白河 駅」です。電車の路線としては東京メトロ半蔵門線と都営地下鉄大江戸線が通っています。


It’s not the situation like famous coffee chains stand side by side but unique and stylish cafés are scattering everywhere. I think it’s bit similar to Brooklyn in the U.S.


Anyways, Let’s start with the must do tourist attraction. Firs up is the “Kiyosumi Garden”. True to the name, the “kaiyu (circuit)-style garden” contains circular walking path provided to enjoy views of the garden. Of the many Japanese gardens in Tokyo, this one is relatively compact and easy to walk through. You can reach it in 3 minutes from the station.




Next up is the “Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo”. It houses many contemporary art works focused primarily on postwar Japanese art, but also encompassing a wide range of subjects from all over Japan and abroad. You can reach it in a mere 10 minutes from the station.



A variety of specialty shops are another highlight in this area!

For instance, you will find a handcrafted umbrella shop, and authentic tea shop, and a cheese shop that collects many kinds of cheese from Hokkaido. “Rika-shitsu (Science room)” is a unique shop that sells the labware like beakers that everyone has probably used befor in school. You will be excited and tempted by each shop!




Finally, my personal favorite. It’s quite difficult to pick my favorite in this café battlefield though,, it would be “Hikidashi Café (Drawer Café)”. As its name suggests, there are tons of drawers here. Not only the interior, but also their delicious drinks and foods are favorites for many guests.



In addition, there are many other kinds of specialty café such as New Zealand- style, flights themed, etc. So, please drop by as many as you can! I’ll write about other cafés on my blog.

他にもニュージーランドのカフェや飛行機をテーマにしたカフェなど個性豊かなお店がいっぱいありますので、是非色々とリサーチして立ち寄ってみて下さい。 ブログの方に私のオススメのカフェなどもアップしてゆきたいと思います。


How was today’s “Take 10-minuteswalk in Tokyo – Kiyosumi Shirakawa station”?  There is no station buildings or shopping malls around the station. So, it’s actually an area to enjoy walking and café-hopping and will be perfect if you could visit there on a sunny day.  See you next time!

今回の東京10分散歩、「清澄白河 駅」編どうだったでしょうか?周りに駅ビルやショッピングモールなどは特にないので、お散歩しながらお店やカフェを巡るエリアだと思います。お天気の日に行けると良いかもしれませんね。 


清澄白河駅 Kiyosumi shirakawa station: Go to google map🗺
清澄庭園 Kiyosumi Garden:https://www.tokyo-park.or.jp/park/format/index033.html 
東京都現代美術館 Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo:https://www.mot-art-museum.jp/
ヒキダシカフェ Hikidashi cafe :  https://kuminyroom.com/2018/06/18/hikidashi-cafe-in-tokyo/

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