【Tokyo – 東京】HIGASHIYA


HIGASHIYA is a Japanese confectionary and tea shop.



It’s a place where you can enjoy modern and elegant version of Wagashi (Japanese confectionary) and the choicest teas in Tokyo.  They say “We evolve sense of classic Japanese beauty and make the traditional confectionaries adjust to our current lifestyle”.

If you see and taste their products, you will understand that they actually respect traditional Japanese tea/confectionary culture but do not be limited by it and keep presenting sweets and teas in their own way.



Their shops are located in Aoyama, Marunouchi, and Ginza. Eat-in café is available in Marunouchi and Ginza.


It’s great to share a joyful time with friends and families here but I often come solo when I want to spend some quality time by myself. My go to order is a set of Wagahi and Japanese tea.




One of my favorite confectionaries from this café is a seasonal Domyojikan.

For the tea, I often have a difficult time choosing one because of the wide range of the tea selections, but a shop staff always generously helps me to pick up the best one for the day.



There are many take-out sweets and tea leaves as well. If you don’t have enough time to stay at the café, choose something for your treat at home. Aside from tea and sweets, I recommend “Chimaki (Sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves)” and “Sekihan (Rice boiled with red beans)”.


I would like you to experience this unique “Wagashi universe” and enjoy tasty tea and sweets.

HIGASHIYA GINZA: Shop info / Go to google map
HIGASHIYA man: Shop info / Go to google map
HIGASHIYA man marunouchi: Shop info / Go to google map



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