【Tokyo – 東京】Let’s stay in the artist’s world! “BnA_WALL Hotel” Nihonbashi

Let’s stay in the artist’s world! “BnA_WALL Hotel” Nihonbashi

アーティスト作品の中で泊まる! 日本橋「BnA_WALL」ホテル

この度、LINEトラベル.jpにて「BnA_WALL Hotel」について書かせて頂きましたので

Nihonbashi is an interesting area where modern trends and tradition are blended well. It has prospered as a leading economic area since the Edo period. Adding to the mix is the BnA_WALL Hotel. This hotel is the brainchild of up-and -coming creators and opened on April 2nd, 2021.  Let me describe some of the charms of this unique hotel.


What’s new about “BnA_WALL Hotel”?

BnA HOTEL brand has been producing inspiring hotels that give us great inspiration, and the BnA_WALL is their 4th hotel.

The big difference between “BnA_WALL” and more ordinally hotels is that each room is artistically crafted. You can stay in 26 different and incredibly creative rooms that were designed by 23 rising artists such as YOSHIROTTEN and Yuki Kawamura.

提供元:BnA株式会社 広報

Each artist designed their rooms with their own specific taste so that guests can feel the individual artist’s style. It is a new experiment in hotels that does away with conventional standards of accommodation such as the hotel as a place for “rest and relaxation”.

Also, it’s impressive that they apply profit return system like their other hotels. Similar to other hotels, part of the fee is redistributed to the artists who created the room. This system is just one way they show appreciation and respect for artists.

Stepping into a hotel that feels more like an art museum

提供元:BnA株式会社 広報

As soon as you step in the hotel, you’ll see a stylish lounge, a flashy bar and an eye-catching wall simply called “WALL”. That wall is connected from an atelier located in basement and is regularly  repainted by different artists.


The atelier and wall are one of their support services for artists and they even provide a room specifically for artists to rest in while working in the basement arteria.

I believe this is a valuable place for artists since Japan has very few facilities that allow for mural art. Some hotel guests may even be able to catch a glimpse of artists actively designing a work in progress.

Let’s take a peek at some rooms!

提供元:BnA株式会社 広報

Every single room is incredibly creative! For example, “daytime’s daydream” produced by EVERYDAY HOLIDAY SQUAD is a room that represents of  Tokyo itself . “memories of the city” are hidden in this room.

The artist decorated this room with things that we would usually see outside. In fact, the bed flames are real curbs and you can find a vending machine and a trash can usually found in the public spaces like parks in the corner of this room.


They applied 3D printing technology for floor tiles. They scanned variety of road surfaces and wall surfaces in the city and printed them with the state-of-the-art technology. The logos, signs and even the footprints of stray cats are carefully reproduced!

You would feel as if  you are outside despite you are definitely being inside a the hotel. It’s such a unique feeling.

Variety of rooms that give you an inspiration.


The “Float” room produced by YOSHIROTTEN is designed for maximum relaxation, mentally resetting, and boosting your imagination. So, there is a meditation space, and guests can customize their lighting color and music to their preference.

提供元:BnA株式会社 広報

Next up is “The World After Five Minutes” room by JONJON GREEN (aka Youta Matsuoka). At first glance, it looks like a simple room, but look at a much larger picture of the room and  you’ll quickly notice that it is not simple at all.

This photo is a representation of the “Real world (the room you are in) and another world in a mirror relationship”.

The artist carefully painted a room indentical to what guests will be staying in and took picture of it. He wanted guests to feel how world can change in 5 seconds.

Let’s explore around the hotel!


Nihonbashi  is developing rapidly. You can find New York-style food court called “COMMISSARY” near the hotel.

Also, the café & bar in the hotel is open for public so that everyone can enjoy snacks and drinks. It would be great to just drop by when you are already exploring trendy part of Nihonbashi.

It’s full of passion!

“BnA_WALL” is such a creative hotel. I’ve tried to describe itsawesomeness but to be honest, it’s difficult to fully understand until you actually visit. So, please make a reservation!

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