Protein packed shake / bowl !

Hi there! Today, I’m introducing protein packed “Tofu shake!”

(English follows Japanese)

久しぶりにご紹介するレシピはプロテインたっぷりの “とうふシェイク”



* 材料 *

  1. 絹ごし豆腐 – 150 – 200g
  2. 冷凍バナナ – 1本
  3. ブルーベリー (生・冷凍どちらでも)- 20- 30粒
  4. メープルシロップまたはハチミツ – お好みで(甘さ調整用)


  1. 1-3の材料を全てブレンダー又はミキサーにかける
  2. なめらかになるまで混ぜ、甘味がたりなければメープルシロップなどを加える。
  3. グラスにそそいで出来上がり!
  4. プロテインボウルにしたい場合はお好みのシリアルやフルーツでデコレーションしましょう♪


この “とうふシェイク” との出会いは数年前に箱根で立ち寄ったカフェ「みつき」。


ただこの “生とうふシェイク”、東京に帰ってきて取り扱っているお店を探してみると、意外と無い!

もちろん本家の “生とうふシェイク” には負けますが、簡単で美味しいので既に我が家のリピートメニューです。

【Protein packed tofu shke】

* Ingredients *

  1. Silken tofu
  2. One frozen banana
  3. 20-30 Blueberries
  4. Maple syrup or honey (Optional)

*Instructions *

  1. Add all ingredients into a blender or mixer.
  2. Blend until smooth and add maple syrup if you prefer sweeter shake.
  3. Pour into a glass and it’s done!
  4. You can add your favorite cereals and fruits to make it protein packed bowl as well.

Story of this recipe

I found it by chance during a trip to Hakone. When I entered a café “Mitsuki”, there was a big menu board that said “Row Tofu shake.” on it. I tried it just because it looked interesting but the taste was much better than I expected.

For you soy haters, you may notice a hint of soy, but no worries. Though I actually can’t drink soy milk myself, the sweetness, and texture made me forget about the soy. You’ll have a choice of flavors and, it would be a perfect substitute for a milkshake. The amount of  people holding a shake cup proved how delicious and popular this drink it is.

Since I loved it, I’ve been searching for a raw tofu shake in Tokyo. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find one in this big city! I was shocked though, that the reason why I ended up making a homemade tofu shake.

I made it with tofu (but not raw) + frozen banana + blueberry + maple syrup. Although I still miss the real thing, it was easier and tastier than I expected and soon became a popular breakfast at home.

Please try this out!!

デリ&カフェ みつき / Deli & Cafe Mitsuki :
Location: Go to google map

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