How to make Nerikiri dough

練り切り餡の作り方 (電子レンジ不使用) – English follows Japanese




*材料  –  Ingredients*

求肥 – Gyuhi (Sweet rice cake) / 25g – 求肥 (レンジ不使用) の作り方はこちら
白餡 – Sweet white bean paste / 300g









⑧使いやすい大きさ (25~30g)に小分けし、乾燥しないようにラップで包むか密閉容器に入れて保存する。

  1. Put White bean paste into a pan or pot and cook off the excess water from the paste. Low heat. Do not burnt it.
  2. If it looks like dried mashed potato, it’s done. You can also check by touching the white beans paste. When you touch it, the paste shouldn’t stick to your finger.  *Be careful not to burn yourself!
  3. Add Ghuhi cubes to the white beans paste and mix well.
  4. Once it’s mixed, take out the dough and pit it on a parchment sheet.
  5. Sandwich the dough between the parchment sheet and kneed.
  6. Once it’s well combined, divide into 5-6 pieces to let it cool down.
  7. Once it’s cooled down, put those pieces together again and kneed with your hand. Repeat “stretch and roll” movement few times.
  8. Divide into 25-30g balls and wrap with a cling film or put it in an airtight container. Do not let it dry!

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