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こんにちは!Kuminy Roomを訪れて頂きありがとうございます。

Kuminy Roomはカフェや旅情報を独自の視点で気ままに発信しているサイトです。





マイペースなブログサイトではありますが、このKuminy Roomでもカフェや旅情報と一緒にたまには異文化情報を交えていけたらと思います。


Hi everyone! Thank you very much for visiting Kuminy Room.

This is a website sharing information of cafés and trips that I think is interesting.

I started it when I was living in New York. Although I took some time off when I moved back to Japan, I have slowly restarted writing articles recently.

The author is an office worker living in Tokyo and loves café and travel.

I have lived in Japan, Australia, Canada and USA.

As you can see, I love to live in a city where I can meet people who have different backgrounds and I feel strongly about how important it is to have an open mind and expand my view.

Although this is a personal website, I’d like to add some cross cultural topics sometime.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles on this website.


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