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旅とカフェを愛するKuminyのブログ、Caffeinated Traveler Tokyo へようこそ!





Welcome to Caffeinated Traveler Tokyo – a blog for travel and café lovers.

I am a self-publishing Japanese writer who constantly goes back and forth between Japan and North America and loves to explore new places. I especially enjoy a cup of coffee or tea from around the world every day.

I started this blog when I was living in New York to share some local café information. Although I took some time off when I moved back to Japan, I have slowly again started writing articles about places and cafés that are special to me in Tokyo or during my travels.

Travel gives me special experiences, such as magnificent scenery which I have never seen, surprisingly delicious / interesting food, and cultures that are totally different from mine.

In order to share the positive experiences of travels with a wider audience, I also sometimes write an article for a public travel website.

What I always keep in my mind is “enjoy the varieties of ‘normal’ and different ways of thinking”.

Whether it’s during the travel or in my daily life, I believe meeting people who have different backgrounds will expand my point of view and enrich my heart.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles on this website.


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