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About Kumi



特に30代になってからは移動続きで、千葉から自然豊かなバンクーバーへ引っ越し後、ニューヨーク (2015-2017)→東京 (2017-2021)→ロンドン (2021- )という世界3大都市に移り住む人生を送っています。




Welcome to Kuminyroom!

I am a self-publishing Japanese writer who loves eating, baking, and traveling!
As a writer, I mainly write about travel and food for this blog and public websites.

I was born and raised in Japan but was lucky enough to receive the opportunity to study and work abroad.

My 30s have been exciting with a fair number of diverse experiences. I moved from the peaceful city of Chiba in Japan to place of natural beauty, Vancouver, before unexpected opportunities to live in three of the most renown cities in the world – New York, Tokyo, and London.

Although I have traveled to many countries, I have started to feel that “visiting” and “living” are totally different stories.

The main content of this blog will be dedicated not only to things to do or trip advice in London, but also the differences I experience and feel between the great cities of New York, Tokyo and London.

Also, I sometimes write about my life stile as a  vegetarian / pescatarian. I do not eat meat due to medical reason and I’m currently taking Nutrition and Chef course in London.

 I hope you can experience some excitement from these personal pieces.