【Kanazawa – 金沢】Trip from Tokyo

Where is the place I can eat fresh seafood and traditional Japanese sweets as a day trip from Tokyo? Although many places crossed my mind while I’m looking at the Google map, Kanazawa caught my attention this time.

【California】Death Valley – Load trip –

Since I finally got a break last month, I visited the West Coast and Midwestern regions of the United States to recharge myself.  In addition to those from major cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, I have some truly unforgettable memories of “Death Valley”. I was very impressed by the marvels of nature…

Museum in NYC – Fashion & Design

Last week was New York Fashion Week. Globally, the city, which is known for art, is also famous for fashion. New York is always drawing attention from all over the world for its wonderful museums dedicated to fashion and design. ニューヨークはちょうど先週、ファッションウィークでした。 世界的に見ても、アートが豊富な街はファッションが盛んですよね。 特にニューヨークは情報の発信地ですから、常に注目されていますし、ファッションやデザインがテーマの美術館も見ごたえがあるものばかりです。 First of all is the MAD (Museum of Art and Design). After relocating a…

【Montreal】Trip from NYC

One of the advantages of living in New York is convenience for travelling. The 3 airports in this city let us go literally anywhere in the world. The city I chose for my short trip this time was Montreal, the so-called “Europe of North America”. Every day there are many flights from NY to Canada…

Museum in NYC -Museum Mile –

今年はもっと芸術に勤しむ年にしたくて、元旦からMuseum Mile(アッパーイースト5番街)をお散歩しました。 ニューヨークはMuseum Mileを中心に、テーマも規模も様々な美術館が至る所にあります。 特別展なども頻繁に行われるのでアート好きにはもちろん、私のような初心者にとっても、アートの新しい面白さが見つかるような場所です。 I took a walk on Museum Mile (5th Avenue on the Upper East Side) on the New Year’s Day, since I wanted to enjoy the art scene more in New York this year. There are great variety of Museums everywhere in NYC, especially around Museum Mile. This is the city that attracts…

【Boston】Trip from NYC

ニューヨーク生活を満喫していても、まとまったお休みができると、シティを抜け出したくなるものです。 そこで今回ご紹介するのは、NYCからのショートトリップでよく選ばれる都市、ボストン。 ボストンは街がコンパクトで周りやすいですし、ロブスターに代表されるように美味しいシーフードを楽しめるのが魅力です。そして、過去にアメリカ独立戦争や奴隷制度廃止運動の中心となった都市であり、観光がてらアメリカの歴史に触れることができるのも特徴です。 Living in New York is exciting but long weekends are good times to get out of the city. This time, I’m writing about a long weekend road trip to Boston. It is a very compact, easy to walk around city and you can enjoy delicious seafood as typified by lobster. You can also…

【New York】Tiffany’s

The first time I heard about Tiffany was when I watched the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in junior high. I was fascinated by not only the charming Audrey, but also by the Tiffany shop on 5th Avenue and thought “I want to visit there some day!!” Tiffany definitely has the power to attract women from…

【New York】Holiday Season #2

New York’s December is full of glitter and excitement!!  There are gorgeous trees and beautiful wreath all in red, white, and green colors. Picture this, at night, the city looks as if someone has turned a jewelry box upside down… 毎日キラキラとワクワクが止まらないニューヨークの12月♡️ 街中どこを歩いてもツリー、リース、赤白緑といったクリスマスカラーのオンパレード。 夜は宝石箱をひっくり返したんじゃないかと思うような煌めきに包まれます。 As such, I’m writing about typical but wonderful Christmas decorations in NYC this…

【New York】United Palace – Theater in NYC


Museum in NYC – Japanese Architectures –

  ニューヨークにはメトロポリタン美術館をはじめ、見ごたえのある美術館が沢山あります。その中でも今回ご紹介するのはMOMA(The Museum Of Modern Art)と New Museum(New Museum of Contemporary Art)。いわゆる近代美術と現代美術です。

【Miami】Trip from NYC 

大都会ニューヨークからちょっと小旅行がしたいなあ~と思った時にお勧めの場所、Miami-マイアミ。 青い空と海、そして陽気な人々と出会える解放感たっぷりの場所です。気候は基本

【New York】Broadway – Fully Committed –

I am supposed to write about “Broadway shows” after I gain more experience and knowledge but decided to express something I have on my mind right now since today is the last day of my favorite musical, “Fully Committed”.