The cafe that made me want to take a trip

今日のカフェは福井県! Today’s cafe is in Fukui prefecture! 正直なところ、もしこのカフェが福井県になかったら、私が福井を訪れるのはもっと先になっていたかもしれません。 To be honest, I might not have taken a trip to Fukui prefecture yet if this cafe wasn’t there. 連休に大阪ー滋賀ー福井へドライブ。 琵琶湖や東尋坊といった主要観光地を訪れながらも、私にとって絶対に外したくなかったのがOedo plus です。 I took a road trip through Osaka, Shiga and Fukui area during the long weekend. In addition to famous sightseeing places such as Lake…

Trip from Tokyo/Kanazawa

Where is the place I can eat fresh seafood and traditional Japanese sweets as a day trip from Tokyo? Although many places crossed my mind while I’m looking at the Google map, Kanazawa caught my attention this time.