【Kanazawa – 金沢】Trip from Tokyo

Where is the place I can eat fresh seafood and traditional Japanese sweets as a day trip from Tokyo? Although many places crossed my mind while I’m looking at the Google map, Kanazawa caught my attention this time.

東京から日帰りで美味しい魚介と和菓子が食べられるところはどこだろう? 東京から数時間の旅でそんな願いを叶えてくれる場所は…とGoogle mapを見ながら今回旅先に選んだのは金沢。


First of all, how can I get there? Popular transportation is a Shinkansen (Bullet train). Tokyo- Kanazawa route was newly opened in 2015 and it brings us there in 2 hours from Tokyo. The Kanazawa station itself is an arty and popular place to walk around.

If you chose a flight, it takes 1h from Haneda to Komatsu. From Komatsu, it takes about 40 min by bus or bus+train to reach Kanazawa station. It’s bit more expensive than Shinansen, but you might be able to see such a beautiful Mt. Fuji. I chose a flight this time.






Since this trip started very early morning, I was starving when I arrived at Kanazawa station. Let’s start with something to eat. So, I walked straight to Omicho market to find a good breakfast. It’s a local market opened in 1721 and still popular for locals and tourists. Local market is the best place to get something in season.

早朝出発だったこともあり、金沢駅に着いた頃にはお腹ペコペコ。ということで、金沢に着いてまず向かったのは近江町市場。1721年からある、金沢の台所とも言えるところです。 やはり1日アクティブに過ごすには腹ごしらえ。旬な食べ物に出会うには地元の台所に直行するのがベストです。 


As a starter, I had croquettes and an orange juice. All croquettes I chose were tasty!  Creamy inside and Crunchy outside.

Then, seafood is a must. It’s great if you could have a seat at restaurants but just taking out (walk and eat) some fresh food is enjoyable rnough in this market. 


あとはやっぱり海鮮。 お店でゆっくり食べるのも良いですが、私のような食べ歩きコースでも十分に新鮮な食材を堪能できますよ。

Once my stomach was filled, I walked to Kanazawa castle. You can walk around the castle easily since it’s not built on the hill but on the ground (park).

You should go ahead to explore inside of castle, but this time, Japanese sweets event was held besides the castle and it totally caught my eyes. So, I joined the class where I made Japanese sweets.




Kanazawa has been one of the leading tea ceremony places since old times and that culture developed Japanese sweets as well.

Since the class was taught by professionals with quality black beans paste, I could make incredibly tasty and cute Nerikiri. You can usually take this kind of class at shops by making a reservation.




After that, I visited the famous Kenrokuen located next to Kanazawa Castle Park.

It is one of the three great Japanese gardens and you will be delightful to walk. I walked through the garden toward 21centry museum of contemporary art.

そこからお隣の兼六園へ。日本の三大名園です。素敵な庭園をのんびり歩きながら21世紀美術館方面へ向かいます。 兼六園は出入口がいくつかあるので、次の目的地がある人は周り方を考えて歩くとスムーズかと思います。


If you leave the park from Mayumizaka Entrance, you will see “21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art” right across the street. In accordance with their concept “Serve as a new Town Square for the city”, this museum has a lot of open spaces for public. Since there are many artworks outside, you can enter from the sidewalk and enjoy arty environment by just walking around.


After the museum, I had a late lunch, famous golden soft corn, and picked up delicious chocolates before going back. I’ll write about what I ate in Kanazawa anytime soon.

ここからは美術館の近くで遅めのランチをして、金沢に来たからには外せない金箔ソフトを食べて、前から気になっていたチョコレート屋さんでお土産にチョコを買って駅に向かいました! 金沢で出会った美味しくものについては、また近いうちに書きたいなと思います。


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