Brooklyn Roasting Company


My frequency of visit “Brooklyn Roasting Company” has been rapidly increasing  since I started living in Tokyo. It’s definitely more frequent than when I was in NY.
I love their selection of variety of coffee and pastries.

NYにいた時よりも確実に高頻度で通っているカフェ“Brooklyn Roasting Company”。


When it’s difficult to stay a long time in a café, like nowadays, drip bag coffee plays a great role at home.
I used to grinned coffee beans and brewed it by myself when I was a coffee person but I am not that caffeinated anymore. So, the brewing my coffee with a drip bag is the best alternative for me. It’s always fresh!


The one I picked up today was ” THANK YOU ARIGATO DRIPBAG ” that shows the appreciation to medical workers.
I heard that Brooklyn Roasting Company sent drip bags to medical workers in Osaka. That’s a very thoughtful action.

今日ピックアップしたのは医療従事者の方々への感謝の気持ちを表した「THANK YOU ARIGATO DRIPBAG」。
Brooklyn Roasting Companyはこのドリップバックをお届けしたそうです。なんとも心温まる。


I had it with my home made American style cupcakes during my coffee break at home.


By the way, I’d like to recommend “Iced Match Latte” as a summer drink in this café. Is might be exclusive in Japan though, it’s made with organic Matcha from Kyusyu region. It’s not too sweet and you can enjoy mellow Matcha taste.


You can find Brooklyn Roasting Company at Tokyo International Forum (Yurakucho) and Harumi in Tokyo.
こちらのカフェ、都内には有楽町の東京国際フォーラム そして 晴海に店舗があります。



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